A Real Writer

It’s been twenty odd years since I wrote for my University newspaper and apart from a few ‘Mr Angry’ letters to the local newspaper, my writing has been limited to work and evidence documents for campaigning on local issues.  I think I write well, if a little slowly, but those kind of documents don’t set my pulse racing.  So it was a special day this week to see my writing featured in a newly published book ‘Paying Attention: A River of Stones’ edited by Fiona Robyn and Kaspalita.

It’s a small piece and by small I mean really small; a ‘small stone’ in fact, one of thirty one that I wrote in January, one every day (you can read them all here on this blog).  It’s a couple of sentences, not much more than a ‘tweet’ but it’s mine, it’s original and it’s in a real book (hardback and paperback) which you can buy (via lulu.com, Amazon to follow in a few weeks) and a download that you can put on your Kindle etc.

I’m in good company too.  There’s a whole bunch of great writers in this book; ‘real’ writers I know and admire who get published and write books of their own.  I feel like a pub singer playing with the Beatles or a Sunday League football player having a kickabout with David Beckham but I’m in there, holding my own and until I stop smiling and resting on my laurels, that makes me a real writer too.


About Peter Domican
Marketer and change professional. Writer and photographer.

One Response to A Real Writer

  1. Rebecca Emin says:

    Well done you, it’s a great achievement to be published, and I am looking forward to reading the book.

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