Crossing The Line

Emma hadn’t meant to do it; she was a good girl. It had just happened. She’d been given her pocket money that morning so she had the money but she’d done it nonetheless. It wasn’t even done for a dare; she was alone. Her friends would not dream of doing such a thing but she had; just for a split second before she slid the chocolate into the bag and walked out of the newsagents, only to be dragged back into the store a moment later by the owner.

At first Emma had tried to deny it it but her defiance had trailed off as the grainy black and white CCTV pictures first picked out her face and then her hand reaching out to the shelf. She turned her head away and the tears started. The owner was shouting at her asking her why, but it was the one question she could not answer. The policewoman was kinder, handing her a tissue and waited a few moments before asking her name and where she lived. Emma had always wanted to be a policewoman but that wouldn’t happen anymore. She felt that she would never amount to anything now.

Emma was still crying when they put her in the back of the police car and as the car pulled away, she looked at the bystanders staring their disapproval. There would be nothing but disapproval from now on. Mum wouldn’t understand nor would anyone else because there was no explanation. She was just a bad girl.


About Peter Domican
Marketer and change professional. Writer and photographer.

3 Responses to Crossing The Line

  1. Sonia Lal says:

    poor thing. it was only a chocolate bar.

  2. marc nash says:

    A fate that awaits us all as the economic cuts start to bite in the UK…

  3. mazzzinleeds says:

    Maybe it’s not so bad after all and she will next be seen in Ocean’s 14 🙂

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