Small Stones July 21-27

July 22

The displays in the department store windows conjure images of summer cottages and seaside air. Colourful photoframes sit atop a white wooden desk. I picture myself in a garret writing and looking out to sea.

July 23

The radio plays a song that captures the life of a singer taken so young; each word now laden with meaning, prophesy and sadness. It is the voice of a 22 year old girl who knew too much suffering for her age and who paid too high a price for her imperfections.

July 24

Three weeks later, the perfect rose bush has passed its best; its petals faded from intense orange to a weak pink, the edges yellowed by summer rain.

July 25

A snake of people queue from St John’s Wood to Lords to watch a legendary cricketer leave this great stage . Thousands come to watch, to say that they were there and thousands will be turned away.


I move words around on my CV for the thousandth time, a lifetime of work in a thousand words summing up thousands of hours doing a thousand things that cost thousands and affected thousands.

July 27

I am reading an article about a wedding anniversary and a marriage that has survived through accepting differences. Within it is truth, honesty, humour and things I could and should have said when I had my chance.


About Peter Domican
Marketer and change professional. Writer and photographer.

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