Let’s Make This The Best Day Ever

I tend not to spend much time on Facebook these days. I dislike its cluttered layout, the adverts and some of the comments on there (especially the ‘post this if you know anyone who had cancer.’ ones). On Wednesday however, I logged onto Facebook to see the very sad news that our friend Eric had been killed in an accident on Tuesday in British Columbia. I say ‘our’ because a number of my Facebook friends come from my time skiing in Whistler. My own sense of loss is nothing compared to what they must be feeling at this time. Eric was an amazing skier, one of Canada’s top instructors, but above all that he was a funny generous man. If you didn’t know him, you’d have liked him and he’d have liked you too.

Skiing forms strong friendships quickly and a camaraderie that survives over the years and distance.  The people who knew him are scattered all over the world and Facebook brought everyone together to share their love and memories of him – photos and jokes, nicknames and stories. I exchanged messages with a few of my friends who were hurting badly and somehow the world became a smaller and better place. As Australia went late to bed, Canada started to wake up and yet more people took time to pay their own tributes and tell more stories. The Whistler Blackcomb website changed its front page to give a nod to Eric’s motto.

Eric’s aim was, I’ll admit, an easier task in the beauty of the mountains of Canada than in grey, wet England, but a day spent skiing with Eric was definitely one of the best days ever. Eric would ski any slope or conditions demonstrating perfect technique then, with both patience and a hint of amusement, watch his class scatter themselves across the hillside. ‘You ski like my grandmother’ he once said with a big smile and  he was probably right. I hoped his grandmother was an Olympic skier in her youth but I think I was being optimistic. He was a great instructor, full of enthusiasm for the sport, challenging everyone to become a better skier whether a beginner or a seasoned instructor and never short of a story or a joke on the chairlifts or in the bar afterwards. It is hard to believe he has gone.  RIP Eric.

Life isn’t always fair especially when the best are taken from us early but there is a lot to be grateful for; the memories of great times, good friends all over the world and the means to stay in touch with them. ‘Let’s make this the best day ever’.


About Peter Domican
Marketer and change professional. Writer and photographer.

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