Picture at an Exhibition

I enter ‘big’ writing and photographic competitions more in hope than expectation. It’s not because I think my stories or photos are rubbish but because the entry standard is so high and there are so many entries, it’s not just a case of writing a good story or taking a great photograph. Being ‘brilliant’ is key ,of course, but when the entry and standard are high, there’s also an element of luck involved so any kind of acknowledgement is a large achievement.

My approach to submitting, knowing well that the odds are against me, is as follows:

1. Do the best work I can

2. Follow the rules for entry to the letter

3. Press [send]

4. Forget

5. Read about winners at some point. Be slightly envious of their success and wonder whether I’ll ever be any good but then remind myself that judging is subjective especially when the entries are both large in number and of high quality (I know, I’ve done it)

6. See winning entries. Agree with choices and vow to do better next time.

So this morning, I was amazed (yes, I know that word is overused now but I was) and thrilled to see that one of my images has been selected for the RPS Members’ Biennial Exhibition 2013.  With nearly 9,000 photos submitted by over 1,000 RPS members worldwide, getting selected for the Exhibition is incredibly unexpected and exciting. You can view all the finalists photos here. There are some wonderful photos so I’m feeling stunned and pleased to see my own sitting amongst them.

My own photo is of an installation at the Olympic Park underneath the main Stratford bridge entrance. Bit.fall by German artist Julius Popp is a fountain of water droplets that create words as they drop from spray heads situated on the underneath of the bridge into the canal below. The words are chosen at random from live news feeds all controlled by specialist software. It was incredibly difficult to get a still image due to the contrasting light sources especially the water words which were to put it mildly ‘a sod’ to capture but somehow I got one that seemed to balance all the different light sources properly. This was one of my favourite spots in the Park so I’m really pleased that more people will get to see it, albeit in a photograph.


As part of the tour, the exhibition will be coming to the Royal Albert Hall in London at the end of March for one month.


About Peter Domican
Marketer and change professional. Writer and photographer.

4 Responses to Picture at an Exhibition

  1. MIke Clarke says:

    Well done. I remember seeing this ‘word water’ myself — possibly prompted by your photos. I tried to take some myself but it was beyond my capabilities.

    • Thanks. It’s easy to video but a still is hard as the letters start to turn into separate droplets after they leave the heads. You have to get the timing and the exposure right for that then the rest of the scene. It is, in technical terms, a sod to photograph.

  2. tu says:

    Fantastic news — well done!

  3. Rebecca Emin says:

    Oh well done, Pete, that must feel amazing!

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