Two Worlds

A Friday Flash, this story was highly commended in a National Flash Fiction Day competition on the 1000words site Feb 2013. 

Two Worlds

‘More plates, I need plates. This is a restaurant, not a take out.’

‘Yes, Chef. Right away Chef.’ Yes Chef, no Chef, Kiss my arse Chef.

Greg stared out of the kitchen window above the sink, his hands continuing to work on autopilot. He could see the lights of the Piste Bullies high up on the mountain bashing down the snowfall of the last twenty four hours.

‘For God’s sake, what do you call this? Do it again. Focus on what you’re doing or you’re out of here!’

‘Yes Chef, sorry Chef.’

Greg hit the take off point fast, twisting to his left as soon as his skis hit the air. As the skis came towards the vertical, he pulled his left arm back increasing the speed of rotation. On his first turn, he stared into nothing but sky. On his second, he could see the town nestled in the valley below as the sun sank behind the mountains. He watched for a second as he fell towards the ground then pushed out his skis to absorb the energy as he landed, then set off down for evening service. Down here nobody, up there a King.


About Peter Domican
Marketer and change professional. Writer and photographer.

5 Responses to Two Worlds

  1. nice contrast of the soaring & besieged sense of self pete

  2. Claire King says:

    Really like this one, Pete. The second part is so vivid and the contrast with the first part sharply drawn.

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  4. I like it! Did you ever read that book “Inner Skiing”? From washing-up to soaring up. I loved Alpine elation back in the day. 😉

    • I’d forgotten about that book. I’ve done skier cross and baby tricks in the ski park e.g. boxes but happy to leave the big jumps to the young ‘uns. Their bones heal easier.

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