Stories For Homes

I’m really pleased to say that my story ‘A Room with a View’ will be published this summer in the ‘Stories for Homes’ anthology in support of housing charity Shelter. As you may know, many people are now facing homelessness as a direct consequence of Government policy and the ongoing economic crisis in the UK. As I was brought up on a council estate (my Dad still lives there), I’ve an appreciation of what’s going on so this is a project close to my heart.

I’d struggled to come up with an idea for a short story right until the final day and was apologising to one of the editors, Debi Alper on Twitter. ‘You’ve got until midnight.’ she said. Actually, I hadn’t. I had two hours before I had to go out. Somehow I managed to think of something that would work and then there was a mad scramble to write and submit it in the time available.

An acceptance is always good but it comes as a nice boost to my confidence and I’m looking forward to seeing the final collection. I’ll publish more details when I get them.

As a teaser, here’s a short excerpt:

From our window, you can see the pier and sea. There’s a film called ‘A Room with a View’ and that’s what we have. Except it isn’t ours. It belongs to the hotel we stay in now. Most people think living in a hotel by the seaside would be fabulous, like being a film star, but there’s nothing good about living here.


About Peter Domican
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6 Responses to Stories For Homes

  1. Brilliant stuff, Pete, especially as you got it written so quickly! Well done.

  2. Libby says:

    Congratulations. Well done to come up with something so quickly.

  3. Congratulations on the acceptance Pete. I tend to be a deadline girl myself, but that was cutting it a bit thin wasn’t it?!

  4. Annecdotist says:

    A most noble cause – hope the collection sells. Your extract reminds me of a very moving short novel Beside the Sea by Veronique Olmi where a young mother takes her two sons on a trip to a seaside hotel, but it’s pretty bleak.

  5. Chris says:

    Congratulations! Wonderful news. Amazing that you were able to come up with something, write it, polish it and send it all in such short order. The piece was meant to be!

  6. t upchurch says:

    Ooh, magic, and for a brilliant cause — well done! x

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