A conversation with myself

‘How’s your album prompts project going? Are you getting anywhere?’


‘How many flashes have you written?’

‘Not as many as I would like.’

‘How many?’

‘Six, I think.’

‘That’s good, isn’t it? So six stories all ready to submit?”

‘Well they’re sort of in a transient phase of development.’

‘They’re not finished?’

‘Er, yeah.’

‘That’s not exactly prolific is it? Calum Kerr wrote one a day for an entire year.’

‘That’s just annoying isn’t it? Anyway he’s the director of National Flash Fiction Day. He should be good at it. And I’ve been busy.’

‘Doing what?’

‘The day thing then submitting things, getting things published, flash slamming in Oxford. Oh and reading Tania Hershman’s book. You should get it, you know.’

‘My Mother Was An Upright Piano. I’m reading it too.’

‘Good isn’t it? And she’s lovely too. Met her last week.’

‘Brilliant book and she was encouraging about that story you wrote for the flash event. That should inspire you to write more. Bet she didn’t get good by making excuses.’

’S’pose not. Better go and write something then, hadn’t I?’

‘Yep, that’s what writers do. Come back when you’ve got something worth talking about.’

‘OK. I’m going. Any chance of a coffee first?’

‘Get on with it!’

‘OK, OK’

Exit stage left pursued by nagging self. 


AROS – Small Stones 9

An idea progressing nowhere – the triumph of the delete key over all others and the clock over creation.

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