‘The Drowning of Arthur Braxton’ – Book Launch


Last Thursday (April 11) was the launch of Caroline Smailes’ new novel ‘The Drowning of Arthur Braxton’ published by Friday Project at Belgravia Books in Ebury Street near Victoria Station.

I first came across Caroline  as a contributor to the 100RPM project last year and she’s always one of the nicest people on Twitter. However until Thursday, we’d never met in person. She’s really just the same in ‘real life’ (people on Twitter tend to be) and it was a pleasure to catch up with someone who is always  encouraging and full of fun.

This is the second time I’ve taken photos at a book launch, the first being ‘The Night Rainbow’ by Claire King. It’s not that easy. Much as I love books, they provide a distracting background and it’s difficult to get well composed photos in such a confined space especially if, at this shop, there’s no vantage point over the floor space. It really is a case of gaining experience, taking plenty of photos and learning from mistakes.

Having said all that, I’m quite pleased with the full set of images from the night.  The author tends not to see a lot of the event as they’re the centre of attention, which is nice in one way but they don’t get much of a chance to see who’s there and what else is going on so it’s good to get shots that capture the feel of the evening.

Needless to say it was a lovely relaxed evening, helped by wine and cake. It’s always great to meet new people especially those who were just names on Twitter before. The only frustration I have is seeing afterwards that someone you know from Twitter was there and you didn’t recognise them from their avatar!

I haven’t started the book yet. I’ve read Caroline’s other work which has that gritty but also humorous feel to it which reminds me of growing up in the North and it has received critical acclaim so I’m pretty confident that I’ll enjoy it.

Thanks to Caroline, her publishers and Belgravia Books for hosting a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

p.s. If you ever get the chance to visit, this is a wonderful independent bookstore. Not an inch of shelf space is wasted and it’s a great place to browse and buy.


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6 Responses to ‘The Drowning of Arthur Braxton’ – Book Launch

  1. Mike says:

    Blimey, Book launches. They’re like buses. Wait years for one and then…

    btw, I’ve also discovered Belgravia books. I work not too far away from there. I bought £40 of books from them a couple of weeks ago.

    I follow Caroline Smailes on Twitter – but I can’t remember how I came to do so (maybe via you?). Anyone else at the do that I might have known from Twitter (or even real life)? I believe that the person who tweets under the intriguing but anonymous name of @bookc**t might have attended, although I guess you’d be on the end of some of her famous Twitter invective were you to identify her.

    • No one that I’ve seen you chat with on Twitter. Only person I knew was Kath Eastman who I met at Claire’s event. Apart from those I met, I’m still finding out who went. Enigmatic photos and avatars on Twitter tend not to be helpful.
      It is a lovely shop. Very easy to spend a fortune!

  2. I’ve heard great things about Caroline’s books and reading at least one is in my list of books to read this year. I’m not actually going at a bad pace, reading wise, considering the amount of writing/blogging I’m doing at the minute. I need to go to a book launch. They tend to always be so far away for me though. I love that you capture the event for the author. As you say, I’m sure it just whizzes by them and they leave it not knowing most of what happened or who was there.

    • Living near London is good in this respect. I used to read a lot of writing blogs when I first started writing but my main problem is more inspiration. I’ve found it more interesting to go to events and meet people.

  3. Such a great blog and set of photos, Pete. I can help you out with some Twitter IDs by email if you like – I recognise a few faces in the photos.

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